Monday, July 4, 2011


A few weeks ago, Tucker and I had to get our blood drawn. His was a test for allergies, mine was for something that had to do with my pregnancy. I went first to show him that it would be ok, then it was his turn. He asked me if they were going to "poke" him and I said yes, but that he would be fine just like I was fine. He rarely cries when he gets his shots, but shots are different and he knew it. He saw that the needle stayed in my arm for a few minutes, so he freaked out and started screaming as loud as he could- "get me out of here, get me out of here!" over and over. He was bawling his eyes out. I've never seen him that scared in all three years of his life. I had to hold his legs between my legs and then wrap my arm around the arm that wasn't going to get poked and this was difficult. I saw how strong my son was in that moment and he was so much stronger than I thought. It took two people to ultimately put the needle in his arm. As soon as they did it, he started screaming "mommy mommy- owie, owie, owie!!" So the first thing I thought of was to sing "I am a child of God" in his ear and it calmed him down in less than a second. (I'm sure I sounded awful though because I was trying not to cry while singing to him). Then I sang "Teach me to walk in the Light," and he didn't say a word. He told everyone later when they asked what happened, he said "The doctor poked me- then my mommy sang to me." He is my angel!

I just wanted to write down another quick thing that he did. He came into my bathroom while I was showering and he said, "Mom, I just need to tell you something." Then I said OK- what do you want to tell me? Then he said, "Mom, thanks for playing cars with me." Then he left. I felt so appreciated:-) I play a lot of cars, read lots of books, play lots of games, kick a lot of soccer balls, color on tons of paper and no one told him to say thank you that day- he just said it. I love my son so much.
The weekend after we got our shots, we went to Monterey for a little family trip in June. We spent a couple of days just having fun!


Kelly Evanson said...

yeah!! so glad that you are blogging again so i can keep up on your family. and so excited for this new baby girl to join your family!! good luck these last few months. email me your new address

Rachelle said...

Wait! When did you move back!? Ahh! That makes me so happy. And you are having a baby girl. Congrats Beth! Let's do get together soon.

Lane, Mer and Ian said...

I can't believe I haven't talked to you guys in soo long! I hope you guys are doing good. I love the Monterey pics, my old stomping grounds! I hope you had fun. Hopefully we can see you guys some time soon. If we ever make a trip up to my in-laws in San Ramon, we will have to get in touch. Tell Jc hi.